388385_2401542047121_306921857_nThe 2014 Cheerleading Season has started at Fair Oaks.  The Rattlers are looking to continue a recent run of growth and achievement within the Cheer program.  Lead by a renewed focus and energy this group had really taken off in the past few seasons.

The previous season 2013 saw the Rattlers grow, not just in numbers but in finishes within the League competitive structure, and on the National level as well.  Yearly the Rattlers will field 5 squads that practice for days on end leading up to the annual league competition.

An opportunity to shine bright on a stage in front of the whole league, was a task that was not too big for the Lady Rattlers.  Judged on their technical ability, tumbling and things as minute as arm movements, the five competitive squads placed in the top 5 within their divisions.  Of those five teams, three teams placed in the top two!!

The accolades earned by this group of girls can be attributed to the hardwork put in by the girls, the dedication of the coaches and, the pride of the parents who without them none of this would be possible.

2013 is now gone and 2014 season is here and we are looking forward to see these girls make the leap from being good to great!

Parents if you interested in our up and coming program, please contact us via the contact page. Send in your comments, suggestions or even words of wisdom.